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Come to Miami Seaquarium® to investigate the amazing world we call home. There is a homeschool class appropriate for any home-school-aged student from kindergarten through high school.  Our homeschool topics features discussions on animals in the ocean, South Florida habitats, endangered species, and conservation.  Each homeschool class has a hands-on component which can include labs, animal interactions, dissections, and crafts reflective of the course topic. 


  • November 12th:   All the Better to See You With My Dear! (Marine Animal Senses)
  • December 10th: 
    Baby, it’s Cold Outside!  (Polar Oceans)


  • January 14th:       Going, going, Gone. (Endangered Species)
  • February 11th:     
    Acting up! (Marine Animal Behavior)
  • March 11th:         
    Surf’s up! (The Beach)
  • April 8th:              
    Thank you Ocean! (Ocean Appreciation)

Class Times:
  • Elementary School Session: 10am-12pm
  • Middle/High School Session: 1pm-3pm
  • $15.00 per student (One Class)
  • $30.00 per student (One Class plus Park Admission)

Register today by calling:
Phone: (305)361-5705 Ext 207
Fax Form to: (305)365-2500

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