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Field Trip Presentations

Field Trip Presentations

With a variety of guided presentation programs, the Education Department at Miami Seaquarium® offers students and youth groups the opportunity to take a closer look at our many animals and natural creatures. Choose from a host of themes for this unique experience. And, for an additional fee, bring your students up-close to a Green Sea Turtle, touch an Endangered Manatee or feed a 500 lb. Sea Lion!

  • $3.00 - 4.00 Per Participant (in addition to admission cost) 
  • Minimum 10-Person Requirement 
Select ONE of these exciting themes for your presentation:

Fish vs. Sharks $3 per person
What do you think of when you hear the word SHARK? Do you imagine a man-eating creature or a gentle giant? What do you imagine when you hear the word FISH? Do you imagine a brightly colored fish that lives on the reef or a giant grouper? During this presentation we will discuss the differences between both and so much more.
Animal Interaction: Shark Feed
Class Size: 10-60 students

Endangered Manatee Expedition $4 per person
Bring your students face to face with rehabilitating manatees. Talk about reasons for endangerment, basic anatomy, evolution, and preservation of the species.
Animal Interaction: Manatee Touch and Feed Session
Class Size: 10-50 students

Sea Turtle Alert $3 per person
Get up close and comfortable with Loggerheads, Hawksbill, and Green sea turtle species. Learn how you can save these endangered reptiles as we discuss the myths and mysteries of our ancient aquatic ancestors.  
Animal Interaction: Sea Turtle Feeding Session
Class Size: 10-80 students

Techniques in Training $3 per person
Ever wonder what it's like to be a marine mammal trainer? Be introduced to a day in the life of our stars as we discuss the differences in show, play, train, and husbandry sessions. Learn how trainers use natural behavior and positive reinforcement to shape the behaviors you see in our shows!
Animal Interaction: Trainer talk with one of our animal trainers here in the park 
Class size: 10-80 students

Seal Studies $3 per person
Sea Lions, Seals and Walruses, Oh My! Join in the fun as we explore more about the dogs of the sea and their amazing underwater adaptations.
Animal Interaction: Feeding Session with our Sea Lions or seals, a touch of one of our sea lions or seals, or a meet session with one of our sea lion trainers.
Class size: 10-15 students (For a feed or touch of a sea or sea lion.)
Class size: 10-80 students (For a meet session.  Students will see one of our seals or sea lions up close 
                                          and get to talk to one of our trainers.)

Spectacular Stingrays $4 per person
Stingrays have gotten a bad reputation in the news recently. Come learn about the facts and the myths of these spectacular creatures. We will discuss stingray adaptations, feeding habits, and their importance to our oceans.
Animal Interactions: Feeding our Stingrays
Class size: 10-60 students
For more information about our educational programs and reservations, please call the Education Department at (305) 361- 5705 ext. 207 or email us at education@msq.cc 

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